Pittsburgh, PWS and Latham

August 4, 2010

Sometimes our impressions of places we haven’t actually seen are formed by images from our childhood.  I had a vision of Pittsburgh that was far from complimentary; and I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Last week I had the good fortune to visit the city of three rivers and meet with staff at the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh.  I found a committed team of professionals doing great work with their patients with Prader Willi Syndrome.  I look forward to a return visit to the Institute and extend an invitation to them to visit Latham Centers on Cape Cod.

Dr Janice Forster, our consultant on PWS, was kind enough to give me an insider’s tour of the city.  The weather was beautiful, neighborhoods, universities and downtown were thriving; the Phipps Conservatory was a wonder of orchids and gargoyles. This city, known for football and steel, is worth a visit for so much more.  Sitting at a restaurant on the north side with a dramatic view of this city surrounded on all sides by the rivers was breathtaking.  No wonder the people of Pittsburgh are so proud of their city. 

“I have an affection for a great city.  
I feel safe in the neighbourhood of man, 
and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.”  
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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