Physical Education and Health Class: Winter 2016

January 14, 2016

-3The 2015 Bowling Team!

After the winter break ended students who spent the holidays with friends and family headed back to campus with enthusiasm. Although a focus on fitness in physical education can be undesirable for individuals struggling with weight and balance, we’ve taken a different approach in order to make it fun and engaging.
Students have been able to participate in games that are familiar to them, but with a twist. Students have participated in STAY ACTIVE Bingo, Fitness Uno, and the game of Monopoly. In Health, the students have been continuing their Nutrition Unit learning how to read and compare nutrition labels, while also understanding the effects of our food choices and how they can make an impact on our bodies.
For those participating in Special Olympics the year has just begun. The Special Olympics Basketball team has been fortunate enough to be able to practice at a full sized gymnasium at a local elementary school on Thursday afternoons. Under the leadership of coaches Iesha Askew, Jake Knepper, and Jake Congel the team has also been participating in Local Community Games on Saturday mornings in order to get ready for their Qualifying Tournament set to take place in early February. The Bowling team has been practicing on Friday afternoons with coaching staff- Frannie Quirk, Jesse Abbruzzese, and Tomas Ayala. The Bowling team will be competing in their Qualifying Tournament for Ten Pin Bowling on Sunday, January 24th in Brockton followed by the Candlepin Tournament set to happen in early March.
Submitted by:
Monique Williams*


*Monique Williams, Health and PE Teacher, was just nominated for the maaps Excellence in Teaching Award. Learn more about her nomination here.

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