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September 18, 2010

Nine Latham families gathered at the recent meeting of the Latham Centers’ Parents Advisory Group, held Friday September 17. The family members met with Clinical Director Christine Coffin, Manager of Prader Willi Syndrome Services Patrice Carroll and Director of Education Lucy Foran. Although an outdoor cookout had been planned, parents and other family members enjoyed a great lunch – served indoors due to the wet and chilly weather-  by our cook Judy Welch.

The group heard about the new Massachusetts law on bullying and about work that we are doing with the students on mindfulness. Parents asked that examples of schoolwork to be sent home more often – which was readily agreed to. Parents exchanged information, talked about Special Olympics, heard about new teachers and viewed the Latham Blog online. The next meeting will be in December, 2010. Invitations will be sent to all parents and the event will also be posted on the Latham Blog and on the parent membership group on Facebook. If a parent or close family member wishes to join the Facebook page, they need only send a request from their own Facebook page to the Latham Centers Family Group page.  

“No one can whistle a symphony.  It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” 
~H.E. Luccock

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