North Wing Stories

August 12, 2015

*Once a month the girls in North Wing write a story during house meeting. One student will say a sentence and then it goes to the next student.  Depending on how many students are participating we generally go around twice. This is the North Wing story for July 2015.
                                    “The Justice for Bumble Bee”


One day the North Wing Fairy brought in her good friend the white bunny named ‘Floppy’.  Floppy helped Brooke, Vikki, Libby, and Meaghan keep the North Wing ladies safe from the lizard and the wood pecker.  The bunny bit the lizard.  This upset everyone in North Wing because they did not believe in violence. The North Wing ladies asked why all this trouble was going on with the lizard and wished for all this to go away.  With a flash of tie dyed rainbows Brooke appeared and said there is a magical way to get the lizard out of fairy tale stories forever.  So the North Wing ladies decided to venture into the magical forest to return the lizard to where he belongs. 
Someone in the North Wing named Ali decided we take a branch and tie the lizard to the branch and bring it to its habitat where it could find its food and not hurt anyone again.  As the lizard was brought to its habitat a talking chipmunk named ‘Chip Chippie the Munk’ said, “hey ladies, it’s kind of hot today, lets swim in the magical lake of dreams”.  All the North Wing ladies were so happy to cool off in the chilly water.  While they were all playing in the lake, a flock of seagulls appeared and one in particular followed Meaghan and started asking, “thank you for the snack, will you take me home with you?”  She agreed to take him home with her where he found his new little house.  But then the North Wing friends realized they had to take the wood pecker back to its habitat so the fairy asked the wood pecker if he would like to be the size of the ladies as to not be stressed about his size.  He said yes and then he asked if he could become the North Wing pet and all of North Wing decided for him to be the North Wing pet.


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