News From the Peer Advisory Committee

March 22, 2011

The Peer Advisory Committee is made up of individuals who reside in our adult homes. The Committee provides individuals with a chance to provide regular input on issues that affect them. The Peer Advisory Committee meets at least monthly, but recently has been meeting bi-monthly.

The Committee has been hard at work putting together a Pet Ownership Protocol which will help individuals be competent pet owners.  The latest project they have been focused on is deciding which flavor of gum will be used in the homes for the next two months. This follows the recent rollout of the Gum Chewing Protocols and how this program is managed in each home.  Following the most recent meeting it was decided that “Polar Ice” would be the flavor for the next two months.

Also, the members were responsible for educating their housemates, with staff’s assistance on the new layout of the menu. The new layout made it easier for the individuals as well as staff to understand. Although initially it created some anxiety, the new layout has been well received by the individuals and staff.

“The difference between friends and pets is that friends 

we allow into our company, 
pets we allow into our solitude.” 
~Robert Brault

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