News From The International Prader-Willi Conference

July 17, 2009

Jonathan Smith, Director of Children’s Services, and Christine Gallant, Director of Training and Marketing, recently attended the International Prader Willi Conference in Herne, Germany. This international group of doctors and other practitioners from 17 countries met to develop standards and best practices for working with individuals with PWS. It is expected that we will have the proceedings of this event as well as last’s years conference by the end of the summer.

Dr. Janice Forster from the Pittsburgh Partnership chaired a group facilitated by Jonathan on the array of relationships that individuals with PWS have. Other groups met to discuss Environment, Self-Determination, and Behavior Management which were identified in last year’s conference of deserving a more in depth discussion. Christine and Jonathan then went on to Paris to meet with physicians and government officials, including the health advisor to the President of France, on the need for developing PWS specific programming for French citizens.

The photo is of Jonathan Smith standing in the courtyard of the Elysee palace after his meeting with Raphael Radanne, advisor to the President for health.

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”
~Author Unknown

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