New Pottery Program on Latham Centers’ Campus

October 28, 2015

Latham Centers is always finding new and exciting ways to engage our students on campus. Our newest pottery program involves volunteers, teachers, residential staff and vocational staff!
The students’ work shop is located a quick walk off campus in our transitional home. Tables have been donated (notice the inlaid Circle of Courage design(r)), walls have been painted, and kilns and pottery wheels have been installed.
Liz, our volunteer instructor, has big plans to teach students (and staff) particular techniques of pottery which include but are not limited to score and slip, coil, and the wheel. A long term goal, and a particular interest of Liz’s, is to have students work on teacups and teapots in teams! Not only is this a fun project, but it also allows for our students with PWS and other developmental disabilities to work on one large project in segments.
We’ll keep you updated and will occasionally post photos of beautiful pieces that are crafted from this program!

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