New Community Program for Students: My Voice, My Values

February 29, 2016



Latham Centers and the Cape Cod Theater Company (previously Harwich Junior Theater) have teamed up for a new program entitled My Voice, My Values. We are excited to announce the initial success of the program! By participating in new art techniques and theater exercises, students are learning the dynamics of personal relationships in preparation for adulthood. The goals of the program are as follows!
1. Empower students to build an emotional vocabulary as a means to enhanced self-expression and communication.
2. Teach students self-awareness and the ability to appreciate the individuality of peers.
3. Teach and develop social and communication skills, relaxation techniques, emotional expression and problem solving through creative outlets such as art journaling and creative drama.
4. Create a school culture with increased opportunities for constructive communication and outlets for emotional expression.
5. Expand Latham Centers Arts Education Program.
We will occasionally be posting about the program from different teachers’ perspectives. Below is Amie Gould’s, classroom teacher.
“After the first day of attending the “My Voice, My Values” group, I was impressed. The leaders of the group were prepared and had planned activities that were well thought out. I was amazed at how engaged the students remained for the entire time. I enjoy how they break up the time, with equal time spent on theater and then art. It is nice to see my students participating in activities that they normally would shy away from.”

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