Nauset Classroom Wins the Einstein Award

May 27, 2015

Today the students of Nauset classroom, classroom aide Andrea Brown and teacher Meghan Pouliot were recognized for their innovative leadership with the A-TIPS model. Under the direction of the teachers, the students have been videotaping role plays of A-TIPS conversations that have been shared with the Latham community.
The A-TIPS model was created by our Director of Leadership and Growth, Tim Vaughan, in order to assist staff people in talking directly to each other as a way to increase teamwork and improve communication. When a group of teachers were given the goal of spreading the A-TIPS model to other co-workers, Meghan brought her classroom into help. Involving the students in a project like this is what makes our community so special since everyone benefits.
Up until today, the Einstein Bobblehead Award has only been given to Supervisors for exceptional and/or innovative leadership. The decision was made to include students and staff in this award since the Nauset A-TIPS project is emblematic of our core values of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.
Tim Vaughan, MAT
Director of Leadership and Growth


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