My Voice, My Values: Entry 2

March 9, 2016



You may remember a Blog Post from February 29th about our new program entitled My Voice, My Values, in which the students are working with instructors from Cape Cod Theater Company. Below is another teachers’ reaction to the program.
The My Voice, My Value’s program has given the students something extra to look forward to on Mondays! Each student has discovered their creative side in the warm up activities they are taught in the theater room. The students each have a smile on their face as they are engaging with others and doing activities to build up their confidence by trying new things each day! The students take much pride in the art work they have completed, in addition to the theater activities in which they participate. Often times when the students see the example of art work they are tasked to complete they state, “I’m not an artist I can’t do that.” The greatest part of attending this event is when the students actually begin their art work.  They get lost in what they are completing, and it’s so rewarding to see a smile on their face when they did in fact complete the assignment, and did better than they could have ever imagined! Each time we attend the My Voice, My Values program the students learn more about themselves and what they are capable of. They continue to grow and look forward to attending each Monday!!


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