My Deadly Appetite, A Documentary on the Discovery Health Channel

October 27, 2010

MY DEADLY APPETITE follows William Weaver, a 14-year-old boy with a craving that could kill him. He was born with Prader Willi syndrome, a rare and incurable chromosomal defect that makes him feel completely starved at all times. At 280 pounds, he is in the midst of a major medical crisis that triggers physical aggression, impulsivity and compulsive hunger. His parents have even gone so far as to padlock the refrigerator out of fear that William would eat until he died literally until his stomach burst, as has happened to others with the condition. Desperate, the Weavers send William to the only known Prader Willi program in the nation, where he will spend 60 days in a lockdown unit.

This is set to air on November 3rd at 10pm on Discovery Health Channel.

“If we would have new knowledge, 
we must get a whole world of new questions.” 
~Susanne K. Langer

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