My Bag of Heads….

October 9, 2013

Off with my heads! That gruesome phrase makes me sound like some sort of confused warrior queen when in fact, I mean…I’m off with my heads….to sterilize them.  One of the important facets of my work here at Latham is to be sure all staff are certified in CPR. I love a skills class that gives you the ability to do something extraordinary – and boy does CPR fit the bill!

My “heads,” sometimes a dozen at once, get a full cleaning after each use back at my house.  Growing up, my own kids have been startled to see them lined up in the kitchen gazing back at them with a blank stare when they came in late at night. One might even have shrieked when turning the corner and confronting them in the moonlight…. After a while though, they got pretty used to them. However,  there were some phrases that needed further explanation to those on the other end of a phone conversation….
“Mom, your head fell off the counter.”
“Mom, how many heads do you have?”
“Mom, your head is leaking.”
“Mom, how much bleach do you use to wash your heads?”
“Mom your head has been in the sink for a half hour already.”

Anyway, last week I mentioned that the students here are always willing to pitch in and carry my heads upstairs to the room I do my training in and I promised you an explanation. So, if you come to Latham and overhear me saying to staff:  “Just pull your head off at the neck” please know it is time for the CPR class to end!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”
 ~Gregory Maguire

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