Making the Best of the Winter at Latham Centers

February 16, 2015

Between snowy cabin fever, pending vacation home visits, ‘goody bag anxiety’ and other stressful situations, it’s been a challenging couple of weeks for students and staff alike. It’s times like these when I see students and staff making the extra effort that I appreciate teaching at Latham Centers the most.
With the rest of my Vocational class on outings or with clinicians, I was left with two dedicated students for our Chapter Four quiz last week.  Their enthusiasm and rapport were totally infectious.  We finished the quiz, and students came up with good examples of information an employer would need to know about prospective employees. All three of us were having fun, but getting our work done at the same time!
It was one of those priceless moments that can only be built from the unique relationships we have with our students.
Submitted by: 
Andy Needel
Vocational Teacher

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