“Let it Go”, Please…

June 21, 2014

Excitement fills the campus for today is the end of year celebration, the end of school and the beginning of summer all rolled into one. Even if this was my day off I would come to Latham School today to enjoy the fete. I have had my windows open this June and for much of the month the students have been practicing…you guessed it…Let It Go. I now have the song literally in my head. It’s amazing how this song resonates with kids everywhere. You can’t go onto Facebook or YouTube without an adorable toddler to teen belting out the lyrics, and who can blame them? A feisty heroine in a Disney movie (with Idina Menzel’s voice no less) has an irresistible hold on the world right now.

I love seeing the students so excited and joyful. They will perform their hearts out and no one will be able to resist their enthusiasm and talent. It is their time to take the stage and frankly, to Let It Go! I will be in the audience with staff, family, honored guests and friends humming it right along with them. And humming it at home, in my car, food shopping, at the beach……..

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Chris Gallant

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