Learning Life Skills at Latham

February 26, 2015

On February 12th, 2015 I attended a luncheon with Latham Centers’ Rock Harbor classroom students. The class wrote me an invitation which was sent in advance, greeted me when I arrived at the restaurant, and prepared many questions to ask me in order to carry conversation throughout lunch. They were all exceptionally well-mannered! You can read their great invitation below! 
January 21, 2015

Kara McDowell
1646 Main Street
Brewster, MA 02631
Dear Kara,
How is your new position going? We are very proud of you and are happy that you are our new Assistant Principal.
As you know, once a month we go on a restaurant outing where we practice our table manners. We would like you to be our guest. We will be going on the fifth of February at 11:30, and would like to know if this is feasible for you. Please let us know at your earliest convenience if this works for you. If it does not work for you, is there another Tuesday or Thursday that does?
The Rock Harbor Class
Thank you for the invite, Rock Harbor Class!
By Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal


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