Leadership: Theme at Latham School 2012-13

November 5, 2012

In addition to the work teachers at Latham School do every day with their students in the classroom, this year teachers are being recognized for their leadership skills to help solve challenges that often go beyond their everyday lessons. This includes helping to create a culture of care built on connections, where students experience school not only as a place to learn and feel safe, but also to care about themselves and each other.  Staff and students work together as part of an exciting learning community.

Each week at the faculty meeting, staff members are recognized by the administration and their peers for demonstrating leadership skills. In the past few weeks, Suzzane Requa-Tratz , Brittni Taylor and Katie O’Hara were honored.

Suzanne Requa-Traut is our math teacher and has made an outstanding effort during the start of the school year as she helped to write and participate in a number of the quarterly and IEP meetings. She also has developed an exciting math program where students experience all the ways math is around us every day. Students now think math is cool! Suzanne is true team player and has been willing to help out in any way that allows students to achieve success! Thanks Suzanne!

Brittni Taylor is the Marconi classroom teacher. She is one of the best and always finds a way to make learning fun and exciting! Ask her students and you soon find out learning is one great adventure! In addition her role as a teacher, Brittni recently presented at a meeting regarding the progress of her students. She effectively helped to deepen the understanding of how to best meet the educational, behavioral and social needs in the classroom. She summarized complex information in front of numerous service providers who were from many different disciplines. Thanks Brittni! We are so glad you are a Latham teacher!

Katie O’Hara was also recognized by her peers and the school administration for her outstanding efforts to help students achieve success. She not only continues to develop and teach exciting lessons in the classroom each day, but is willing to find solutions regarding all the challenges we face as a school community. This has included encouraging other teachers and staff to talk together as peers and help each other find positive solutions to any challenge. After school, Katie’s positive energy goes beyond the classroom walls as she initiated and developed an exciting fall biking club with the help of Mary Ware and other staff. Thanks Katie for being a great teacher and person to all!

“Light tomorrow with today.”
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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