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June 5, 2014

I do a fair bit of training here at Latham. Today, I watched and listened as the evolution of staff development was presented at the Board of Directors June meeting. Sitting on the sidelines, I was inspired by the work being done by the Leadership Group under the supervision of Tim Vaughan, our Director of Leadership & Growth. Members of the group from across the organization came to the meeting to describe their mission — We are motiviated and committed to professionally develop our skills by working on initiatives that will result in happier, more fulfilled, and higher skilled staff people — and to give a brief overview of the current initiatives. These included: mentoring new staff, role-modeling and team building.

The Leadership Group members’ employment with Latham spanned months to decades. It was clear to me that the agency is in very good hands as we continue to change and grow, meeting the needs of the people we support. It isn’t an easy job on any level. It is however, meaningful and empowering work. Thanks go to our speakers: Aki-Tia, Danielle, Chrissy, and Melinda. Thanks to our guests from the group: Brant, Chris, Matt, Michelle, Melissa, and Tara. You are what makes Latham, LATHAM!

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Chris Gallant

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