Latham’s Bright and Beautiful Gardener and Gardens!

May 29, 2013

VLG is a very talented and gifted young woman. An extremely hard worker, VLG recently weeded many of the flower beds on campus as part of her vocational program. I went with VLG to a nearby nursery and we discussed the different types and colors of flowers that she wanted to purchase and plant. We looked carefully at what each of the plants needed, whether it was full sun, or partial shade. We discussed the heights that each plant and flower would reach so that she could determine where she wanted to plant them. We talked about whether to purchase annuals or perennials, and what that meant. VLG shopped carefully and made excellent selections. Once we were back on campus, she worked determinedly for hours to get the garden just the way she wanted it. I think the results speak volumes. Congratulations on a job well done, VLG!

Submitted by:
Pam Nolan
Director of Children’s Services

“Gardens are a form of autobiography.” 
~Sydney Eddison

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