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November 6, 2014

Rock Harbor classroom was 100% engaged during Vocational Skills class today. Students were researching the necessary training for a variety of careers. Casey made a phone call to the Massachusetts State Police Academy to inquire about the training requirements and time commitment mandatory to become a police officer. She handled herself professionally and politely over the phone and answered the questions independently.

When it came time to research becoming a chef, Brennan enthusiastically chimed in, “Let’s call Joe!  He’s been a chef for 25 years!” So Brennan called the Latham Kitchen and spoke with our chef, Joe Sweetland. After a brief chat with Joe, Brennan was able to relay the relevant information to his classmates. Rock Harbor was able to use previous interviews with a local veterinarian and a fire captain to answer other questions. They went on to ask a former waiter (me!) about the training required to be a restaurant server.

We have become so accustomed to using the internet to find answers to every question we have.  It has been refreshing to show our students that you can connect with a real person and learn “from the horse’s mouth” authentically by reaching out to the community.  Rock Harbor really picked up on this theme.

Andy Needel
Vocational Teacher

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