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November 13, 2014

Horticulture is one of the most popular jobs on campus.  There is much to do, as we grow plants from seed, root cuttings, or purchase young ornamental plants to raise.  Also, through our relationships with local businesses, we receive donated cut flowers that students arrange and deliver around the Latham campus.  It is a truly amazing experience when you bring our students and flowers together. Flowers have such a positive effect on everyone’s mood.  Walking into the greenhouse changes people; some are stimulated by the colors, aromas, and textures while others are calmed; appearing less anxious or agitated. 
Preparing flowers is an art form. Our students can explore their creativity in arranging and learning what works and doesn’t work with much opportunity to improvise. Students may work individually or in groups, but when the work is done, it is time to deliver their bouquets or plants. The students have a chance to brighten someone else’s day.
Andy Needel
Vocational Teacher

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