Latham Welcomes Bo Jangles, A New Therapy Aide Dog

August 15, 2011

Here at Latham we just recently added a new therapy aide.  The living, breathing, furry kind.  Latham just had Mr. Bo jangles added to our lineup of therapy dogs.  Mr. Bo jangles is a 3 year old, tan Labradoodle. The students are absolutely in love with him.  Mr. Bo jangles works a full 8 hours a day.  Students have scheduled times throughout the day when they can come to pick Bo up.  He gets plenty of hugs and kisses as he walks loops around campus.  Just having Bo around when the students are upset helps to calm their moods almost immediately.  Bo greets students in the morning as they wake up, and he also greets them as they enter the schoolhouse to begin their day. He is a true testament to the healing power of an animal’s love.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” 
~Ben Williams

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