Latham Students Won’t Let Rain Bring THEM Down on Prom Day!

June 16, 2015

3rk9s-iAcaRqDMmEebHRtfzqyYAvxKVcX6XlJ7-AGGE 9pn0rO0C4iry0YKnQM1RvrCMrJkCNh7WBsxi2PiBUYY cYgiMLD8zsvBOXTaiPwy-XNikCpUKpgsKBK0zn-nOzgStudents prepare for the Best Buddies Prom at the Harwich Community Center


Annually Latham Centers’ students attend the Best Buddies Prom hosted by Best Buddies Massachusetts at the Harwich Community Center. For the third year The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod will underwrite tuxedo and tuxedo fittings for the boys who call Latham Centers home. Puritan Cape Cod comes to campus to outfit each of these boys for an exciting day on campus. Christina Bologna, Marketing Coordinator of the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod explains, “This is an event we look forward to annually. We can’t wait for yet another successful year.” Jim Penn, owner of Puritan Cape Cod, states, “If you do business with the community you have to give back to the community. We love being part of the Latham family.” Staff and community members have donated dresses for the girls to wear who also have a fitting and an opportunity to get their make-up done.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this such a successful day!

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