Latham Students Letters to the Cape Cod Times

October 2, 2009

One of the projects that happened this fall in some of the classrooms was to write a letter to the newspaper explaining what students got out of our Summertide program, which takes place during our typical school days. Summertide is a combinatation of academics, activities, field trips and fun. Below are some of the letters from the kids.

Dear Cape Cod Times,
There are lots of fun things to do at Latham School. For one thing, if any one does not like school, but likes to go to school for field trips well, Latham School has a lot of fun school field trips to go on. And Latham School’s field trips are not only fun but educational too. Also it may look like there is nothing to do out side but you can walk on the loop, play basket ball, go on the swings, dance to music, play kick ball, or football. And if it is a hot day or you’d just want to chill with your friends and talk you can do that to.

Sincerely, Brian

Dear Newspaper,
I like Latham Center because we get to go on a lot of field trips. I love going on field trips. I also love doing math work.

Sincerely, Max

Dear Newspaper,
I like Latham Center because it is cool. My room in Simpkins Cottage is a nice place for me to sleep. The kitchen serves good and delicious meals. I love that Latham Center has a dog named Scout. The students get to walk Scout and play with Scout. At Latham Center, I get to go on an outing every single day. Latham Center has a nice cook named Scott who feeds me well. There are a lot of cool activities to do like photography, discovery, pottery, swimming, and art. Last weekend, we had a carnival on campus which was a lots of fun. We got to play games and win prizes and even got to dunk staff in the dunk tank. Each week, there is a movie night, going to the Chatham library night, swimming night, and fishing night. The games are a lot of fun. Every staff is nice and funny. I laugh and talk a lots with staff. Staff like me a lot. I like the staff very much. It is very fun at Latham Center.

Sincerely, Brennan

Dear Newspaper,
I like Latham Center because we get to go to the mall and other fun places. We do lots of fun arts and crafts projects. We get to go outside a lot to hang out with our peers. That is why I like Latham Center.

Sincerely, HyeJin

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I go to school at Latham. I have fun here. During summer clubs I like to swim and do wood working. I learn a lot of new things at school. My favorite subjects are math and computers.

Bye, Alyssa

Dear Cape Cod Times,
My name is Niki. I live at Latham. I am 12 years old. I like to do pottery and art. I love the pools and I like to sing. I love math and playing. I learned many things this past year.

From, Niki

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I go to Latham school. I am 12 years old. My favorite thing to do is to go on the computer. I like to read books to. During art club I like to do pottery, read books in the book club, and go on the swings. My favorit subject is math.

From, Devin

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I go to Latham School. During summer clubs I love to swim in the pool, swing, and I like pottery. My favorite teacher teaches pottery. I LOVE MATH SO SO MUCH!

From, Alexandra

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I go to the Latham School in Brewster on 6A. What I like about the summer program is that I had fun going on the trips. The zoo and pirate museum and Plymouth plantation and the beach scavenger Hunt are all examples of outings we went on.
Things I like in class were working on fractions and helping a peer solving a scholar dollar bonus problem. A scholar dollar is money that is a dollar bill… You can spend it in our school store and you earn it by doing your work. You can work at Latham for real money and go off campus for work.
We have a school dog named scout. Scout is a corgi dog without a tail.
Latham is a safe program for kids.

Sincerely, Antoinette

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I like being at Latham School on a busy road. Scout is the best thing about Latham. I train him. Scout is the Latham School dog. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I had a show for him where he jumped through hoops and over hurdles. He was also weaving around cones. It took a month to train him.
I like to working on my dog project in class. I chose my favorite breed which is Australian Shepherd. Do you know where they are from? They are from California!
I also liked visited the zoo. It was fun seeing different animals. The red Panda was my favorite and I like the beach too. That’s another field trip we go on during the summer. I like Latham, Its fun!

Sincerely, Vanessa G.

Dear Cape Cod Times,
I am at Latham School. I love going swimming to the beach. I like to do division in school. I had fun at the zoo during the summer. I really liked seeing the seals! I enjoy working in the kitchen. I hope you enjoyed learning about Latham.

Sincerely, Vanessa H.

“Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.” ~Sholem Asch

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