Latham Students Go On a Whale Watch in Provincetown

July 15, 2012

Latham students had an amazing opportunity to go on a campus wide outing to a whale watch in Provincetown recently.  There were 14 students who were able to attend, and a great time was had by all. The weather was perfect, but the seas were a bit rocky. The students handled themselves well and had a blast spending time together out on the open ocean.

For many of our students this was their first whale watch. Many of our students are from various states and have never had an opportunity to see a whale in their natural environment.
The students saw some Minkies and Finback whales.  Minkies being the fastest whale in the ocean and Finbacks’ being one of the largest.  The crew on the boat gave the students a lot of information about whales, and the students soaked it all up. We even got to see a baby seal. The students learned that a baby seal weans from their mother only four weeks after they’re born and then they live on their own. 

It was a wonderful outing and a great learning experience for everyone.

Submitted by:
Frannie Quirk

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