Latham Students Donate Proceeds to Charity

What do you do when you aren’t quite old enough for the Best Buddies Dance? How about heading out for a tour of the Cape Cod Times. Extra, extra read all about it, we had a great time. The Editor- in- Chief, Paul Pronovost, conducted the tour. We had a blast and learned plenty, from the newsroom to Paul’s gag gift collection in his office. Like us here at Latham, news people love joking around and getting the story first. We might have some budding reporters in our midst.  We can’t wait for the future tour of the printing press.

We were also thrilled to be delivering a big fat check to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund. We made $702.55 from the proceeds of our Annual Holiday Craft Fair. Last year we raised $519.23 for St. Jude’s, and we thought that was a lot. It was wonderful for our students to present the check to the head of the Needy Fund, Betsey Sethares.  We were especially pleased to be making the donation because we found out that the Needy Fund hasn’t been receiving as many donations as usual this year. Boy are we glad to help! We are going to watch the front page of our favorite paper, The Cape Cod Times. We can’t wait to see the red line on the Needy fund’s donation thermometer rise after our contribution.

Contributed by:
Shauna Kelly

“Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, 
but from doing something worthwhile.” 
~Wilfred Grenfell

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