Latham students’ art proudly displayed at Brewster Ladies’ Library

February 4, 2019

Latham Centers’ Student Art Show will be on exhibit at the Brewster Ladies’ Library throughout the month of February. We’re so grateful for this opportunity for our students to show their work, and for visitors to see the talent on our Latham School campus. Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, interviewed Ron Edwards, Assistant Residential Director and Art Show lead, to share this exciting Children’s Program news with our community:

Q: How did the concept for this art show begin?

A: Nori from the Brewster Ladies’ Library reached out to me and asked if we’d like to show our students’ work at the library. I agreed immediately because I think it is a wonderful opportunity to show our students’ talents. Often times, kids with disabilities are seen for their challenges rather than their strengths – this is a venue in which to show off their talent and skill. We also have students who work at the library, so it builds our relationship and shows the continuity for our kiddos.

Q: What types of work will be on exhibit?

A: While our students produce all types of art, ranging from 3D to collage, this show will focus on 2D art and canvases. There will be a variety from all students. Our students work on artistic skill-building throughout our program. Our interdepartmental approach to care allows for art to be done during school to work on skills, during clinical sessions as a way to cope with anxieties, and during residential time as a way to enhance skills learned in clinical and educational programming.

Q: What does the set-up entail?

A: Latham staff will set up the art show. However, our students will have the opportunity to visit by class throughout the month of February. Many students will attend the Art Show Reception, and will prepare to present the story of their work to visitors. We will announce more details closer to the reception.

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I am most excited about one student in particular, who is very skilled and who is learning to have more confidence in his art as a vocational skill. He is currently showing his work at the Cultural Center in South Yarmouth, but he has allowed us to display many of his pieces in this show as well. We are so proud of the evolution of this student’s art, and his personal growth throughout the process.

We look forward to seeing many community members at the reception on Saturday, February 16th, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.  This exhibit is sponsored by the Brewster Ladies’ Library, located at 1822 Main Street (Route 6A). Before coming, they ask that you please call the library at (508) 896-3913, due to the exhibition room sometimes being in use for a program and not open for viewing.

If you have any questions about the show, please contact Ron Edwards at

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