Latham Staff & Holiday Plans

December 26, 2012

Scheduling for the Holiday seasons starts off with planning. A major part of scheduling involves the holiday parties that both the adults and children look forward to attending. Latham works hard to be sure there is a joyous start to their holiday vacation week. 

Our staff help the individuals and students decorate their suites or homes with holiday decorations as well as making or shopping for gifts for friends and loved ones. Staff are scheduled to facilitate community outings so that all can enjoy the colorful lights and holiday displays on their evening rides through the Cape Cod neighborhoods.

Scheduling and planning ahead makes for a Christmas day filled with fun and activities, topped off with a special holiday meal that both our PWS and non PWS clients all enjoy. The dedicated staff who are working these holiday shifts always provide this for the individuals and students, often coming up with plans and activities to make the holidays extra special for everyone who calls Latham home.

Submitted by:
Missy Adle

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