Latham School’s holiday craft fair showcases students’ vocational work

The students at Latham have been busy crafting holiday ornaments, greeting cards, wreaths, painted penguins, handmade soaps, and other creative treasures, culminating in yesterday’s Holiday Craft Fair. The Children’s Program craft fair was held at our future campus expansion site (former Fire Museum). This annual holiday craft fair highlights the service delivery values of mastery, independence, belonging, and generosity that we incorporate into our programs at Latham. Assistant Residential Director Ron Edwards reported that $200 from the craft fair sales will be donated to a charity of the students’ choice (with the remaining $200 going to the Vocational Department). Students’ works of art will warm the hearts of everyone who receives one of these special gifts.

Thank you to our staff and students who worked on creating these beautiful items! We’re especially grateful to Ron, who is pictured here ‘closing up shop’ just before 6 p.m. yesterday; Vocational Team members Melissa Bertrand and Fred Walters, who guided students in many of their creations as part of the LathamWorks Vocational Program; and Katrina Fryklund and Kristi Dolbec who helped set up the displays and made the room shine.

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