Latham School’s Brewster in Bloom Parade float named “Most Creative”

May 19, 2018

This month’s Brewster in Bloom parade winners have been announced, and we’re excited to congratulate Latham students and staff for winning the “Most Creative” award! Participants were asked to use the theme “Clamoring for Clams!” when decorating their floats. For highlights of the weekend-long festival, watch Lower Cape TV’s video available on the Brewster Chamber of Commerce website. In case you missed the smiles, Latham’s “Happy As Clams” photos appeared on our May 8th blog.

Pictured above with the 2018 Brewster in Bloom Parade “Most Creative” award is Behavior Specialist Krystal Ketler, who wishes to thank everyone at Latham who helped make the parade extra special for the students:

“Thank you to everyone who helped with Brewster in Bloom preparations, as well as everyone who participated in the actual event. I cannot express enough gratitude for everyone who helped – endless thanks to:

  • Ron E and Gina for helping me with ensure that all the items were ordered, candy was distributed, and the event ran smoothly!

  • Jadon, Ally, Danny, Fred, Ron E, and Gina for taking time out of your busy schedules to help decorate the float on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning!

  • Jacqueline, Roger, the deck boys, Danny (& Devin), Ally, the ‘tucket suite, the cottage girls, Gina and Amie for helping create the decorations for the float and encouraging the students to help decorate shells, the banner, and posters!

  • Patti for donating shells!

  • Barbara for the amazing clam hats — you are a true rock star!

  • Jonasz for driving the float!

  • All the staff who walked with the float, rode on the float, or brought the students to watch the parade!

  • Ben and Ron E for ensuring the float was able to happen and the kids were able to have a great time!

  • Everyone who had any part in the creation of the Brewster in Bloom, and who offered help and support!

  • The Latham Maintenance crew for painting the float and ensuring it was able to be driven!

You are all wonderful and the kids had an amazing time – I couldn’t be prouder of the team that we have here at Latham!” ~ Krystal

Pictured below, Latham directors Gina Sheehan, Brittni Kliment, and Gerry Pouliot would also like to thank staff for their efforts.

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