Latham Says a Bittersweet Goodbye to Graduating Resident Student

December 17, 2014

Latham said a bittersweet goodbye to resident student Ryan M. this week. Ryan proudly graduated Latham School with his high school diploma and a certificate of completion on Tuesday.  During his three and a half years at Latham, the gregarious Ryan was a large part of the Latham/Cape Cod community participating in a number of activities.

Tall and lean in stature, Ryan was adept at sports and Special Olympics Games; he is also the first Latham student to run and complete the Falmouth Road Race—two years in a row!  He also devoted time as a member of student council, and was even a tutor to his younger peers.

On his graduation day, Ryan provided some very wise words to his peers by telling them “to always be strong, and to never give up.”

Latham would also like to send a big thank you to the Harwich Quilt Bank for providing another Latham graduate with a memorable custom-designed quilt! The volunteer group has done so for years and the student quilt presentation is one of many highlights of graduation for our students.

Congratulations Ryan! Latham is lucky to have seen you grow into the mature, young man that you are today. We wish you well in your transition to adulthood.

Meghan Pouliot
Latham School Teacher

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