Latham Players Present: A New Community Center in Brewster

February 19, 2015
On February 7th, the Latham Players, the Latham Centers Adult Theater Troupe, gathered at the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Dennis. The Players, their family members, staff, directors, and videographers gathered together on Saturday morning to film this lighthearted and inspirational video entitled “Latham Players Present: A new Community Center in Brewster.” The video emphasizes the need for a new rehearsal space for the Latham Players at the highly anticipated future Latham Community Center. Click HERE to watch video.
In the video adult residents are interviewed and share their love for singing, dancing, and acting. They were hopeful and enthusiastic about the prospect for a new center where they could rehearse and stage productions. Latham staff were also interviewed and shared their perspectives about their work “[Latham is] a wonderful mixture of professionalism and family. We love our job,” and “the players enjoy performing so much, and look forward to the [Latham Players] rehearsals and appearances.”
Finally, parents were interviewed who explained how critical Latham Centers has been to their son’s success. They continued to explain that the Community Center will be, “great for Latham students, Latham adults and the community. It’s a win-win.
The new rehearsal space will be located at 1439 Rt. 6a in Brewster, just a quarter mile from the Latham School Campus. The auditorium will be housed in the new Latham Community Center, which will provide opportunities for the general community, but most importantly serve as a learning and training space for Latham Centers’ students, adult residents, and staff. Highlights of this new property include technology, art, woodworking, vocational training and physical education spaces, as well at the auditorium and stage for the Latham Players.
To help fund the Latham Community Center, please click HERE.
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Katrina Fryklund

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