Latham Participates in “Bully Proofing” Program

August 18, 2011

Students in the Pleasant Bay and Mayflower classrooms participated in a “Bully Proofing” program, presented by Educational Facilitator, Karen Gotwald.  Through this interactive session, students discussed how bullies act; how children who bully others learn to be bullies; what bullies may really be feeling inside; and what a bully might really need, like a real friend!

The program also helped students understand the role of a bystander. Students were encouraged to feel empowered to tell a bully not to hurt someone else, because even a small act can have great power. Each student was presented with a journal and a “Good Kid Power” pencil, in order to write down daily examples of positive actions they have taken, or positive characteristics about themselves.

Contributed by:
Pam Nolan
School Principal

“Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.” 
~Author Unknown

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