Latham Lifelong Pet Care in the News

June 10, 2014

Latham Lifelong Pet Care, the newest vocational opportunity for our residents at Latham Centers made the headlines recently. Rich Eldred, Brewster reporter, outlines the different parts of the program ranging from dog walking, to a brief explanation of Lifelong Pet Care and the Pet Therapy Charitable Gift Annuity option. Aptly titled, “Pet partnership benefits Latham clients,” he describes how this opportunity is beneficial to both the community AND our residents with complex special needs as it provides services to the community and paid employment to our individuals! To read this article, please click here.
Adult Resident Warren with his charge, Caleb.

Dog Walking: Students and Adult Residents are paid to walk community dogs for $15/walk. Walks last upwards of 30 minutes and Latham Centers residents travel to the pet owner’s home with a staff.

Long-Term Pet Care: If someone is going into surgery or has to leave town for a bit, this option allows a Latham resident to care for cats or dogs either in the comfort of the animal’s home, or one of the Latham Adult Residential Homes (which has been cleared for animal care). Guidance as to how to care for the animal is provided by its owner.

Lifelong Pet Care: This option allows an individual who is afraid of his or her pet outliving him or her to set up a Pet Trust and a Pet Therapy Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) guaranteeing proper care for a pet despite the pet owner’s passing. Guidance as to how to care for the animal is provided when setting of the CGA with Latham Centers.

Pet Therapy Charitable Gift Annuity: Our Pet Therapy Charity Gift Annuity allows for a monthly income to you, as well as annual charitable tax deductions while helping to fund our innovative Pet Therapy programs for children and adults with complex special needs. Specifically, a Pet Therapy Annuity with Latham provides funding for our Asinotherapy and Latham Lifelong Pet Care Programs to ensure the longevity of therapeutic and vocational Pet Programs.  This new investment option is a
Win-Win-Win for Investors, Animal Lovers, and Latham’s Special Individuals.  
or contact Katrina Fryklund in the Development Office  
774.353.9126 or 

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