Latham Individuals Speak with Students

What do you get when two adults address a group of students with loads of questions about adult services and being an adult? Great information straight  from the source! Today, Max M and Lauren B, joined by Great Hill Supervisor Elton Cutler and Nursing Supervisor Paulette Jacinto met with students who will be transitioning into adult services.  Frankly, Max and Lauren owned the room and the rest of us were unnecessary! They listened and thoughtfully and straightforwardly answered questions ranging from “Can we have a phone?” to “Can we have sex?” Without skipping a beat they explained the rights of adults along with the responsibility of adulthood. 
I was so proud of all of them—the wisdom of the adults and the curiosity of the students.  This event could not have taken place without the support of the educational, clinical and adult service staff. I think this is one of the reasons Latham Centers excels on so many levels; teamwork and a commitment to those we support.
Submitted by,
Chris Gallant
Director of Marketing & Training
“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” 
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

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