Latham Graduates another Student

April 1, 2015


On his 22nd birthday, Brian was presented with his Certificate of Completion from the Latham School. Surrounded by family and friends, Brian was celebrated for his astounding work during his time here.

Brian will be remembered fondly by staff and students at the Latham School. Director of Education, Brittni Taylor stated in her speech that “I always looked forward to Brian’s eagerness to learn and tackle any challenge that came his way. He continuously impressed me with his reading skills and willingness to always volunteer to read aloud.” Director of Children’s Services, Gerry Pouliot remembers Brian’s exceptional participation in the school’s Student Council Club. Brian is also remembered for his tremendous accolades in Special Olympics and joining every single team Latham offered!

To conclude our graduation ceremony, Brian himself offered a few words. He left the group with one message, “I was nervous when I first started at Latham but I made it to this day, and with that I owe all my success to my clinician Brooke.” Just goes to show the amazing work we do here at Latham and the incredible amount of success the student’s experience!

Congratulations Brian! You are a shining star!


Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal

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