Latham Girl Scouts Blaze a New Trail

May 26, 2009

Latham is excited to announce that they are in the early stages of forming their own Girl Scout troop! The Girl Scouts offer many life experiences that all young girls need to be exposed to. Through Scouting, girls learn independence, self reliance, leadership and cooperation. They also get to enjoy the fun and laughter that is part of any troop.

For the initial meeting last week, 14 girls came out to participate. All were active in introducing themselves, singing songs, playing Girl Scout games and creating “Friendship Bracelets” out of beads. The first meeting lasted about an hour and a half and each girl left the meeting happy, positive and eager to come back for more.

Where this Girl Scout troop will end up is still unknown. The hope is to develop the troop to a point where we can incorporate more activities, gain more community involvement and make the troop a fixture at Latham for years to come. It is a wonderful way to help our students participate in peer mentorship.

Presently, we will have troop meetings every two weeks. This format will last through the summer and everyone involved will evaluate the troop in the fall. Just like the Girl Scout motto of “Be Prepared”, Latham always strives to bring more richness to the students we serve.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
~Henry Ford

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