Latham Continues to Go Green!

February 23, 2010

The Maintenance Department has continued making strides in our recent effort to transform Latham Centers into an environmentally friendly campus. Our latest challenge has been to implement neutral cleaning products that keep both our students and fragile Cape Cod ecosystem safe. New products are planned to be introduced to housekeeping in the coming weeks that will continue to maintain our campus’s cleanliness while allowing Latham to establish a campus free of chemicals.

In other news, the Latham Centers Maintenance Class has completed the first of three steps in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protections “Green Team” program. Aptly named the Latham Centers “CAN-Do’s” the girls and maintenance staff pledged their commitment to reducing waste, preventing pollution and slow climate change, earning enough credit to gain the “Planet Protectors” title. Our next goal is to create more ways to be green on campus and attain the next level of “Conservation Coyotes”. Stay tuned for more details on how our CAN-Do’s are doing!

“The earth is what we all have in common”
~Wendell Barry

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