Latham Centers takes on the Falmouth Road Race: Help Support OUR Runners

July 21, 2016

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Last Year’s Falmouth Road Race Team

Latham Centers is honored to again be selected for the Falmouth Road Race Numbers for Non-Profit Program. Currently 16 out of 18 runner spots have been filled, and there are two more left. If you’d like to sign up for one of the other two, learn more here! 
We reach out to you to support our runners. Here is one runner’s story. (Many more stories to come as runners build their individual pages!)
Katrina Fryklund
My goal is to raise $950.00
“I began working at Latham Centers in 2013 because of my passion for both the non-profit world and Cape Cod. I continue because I love being on Cape – but moreover, because I love getting to know our residents.
People often ask, “Why Latham.” My response?  The residents.
I work here because of residents like Drew, who have gone through countless surgeries and hardships to finally find the successes that he truly deserves, like moving to a beautiful adult residential home. I work here because of the smile that appears on *Jen’s face when she passes the baton to her new friends during a group activity at Field Day, when she has never had friends before. I work here because of *Agnes in the adult program, who can now distribute medications to herself for the first time because of Kathy’s (staffer) encouragement. I work here because of the four kiddos who politely and proudly spoke about Latham when I was giving a tour at the beginning June. I work here because of our amazingly dedicated staff and the hard work that goes into every day of their classroom and vocational planning. I am proud to work at Latham Centers and feel that running the Falmouth Road Race, and leading the Latham Falmouth Road Race team, is just ONE way I can give back to the staff and families, but most importantly the residents.”
*Names have been changed to protect privacy.
Please click here, to support a runner of your choice.

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