Latham Centers’ Shining Stars: Weekly Report

February 23, 2016

Latham Centers’ Weekly Stars: February 18th, 2016
Latham Centers looks forward to embarking on a new weekly blog post. We often mention how innovative and caring our staff is; they are an instrumental part to the success of the residents who attend Latham Centers. If you’ve ever toured campus, you’ve undoubtedly seen the white board in Yawkey Dorm which recognizes achievements. We are now taking that global and posting it on the internet!
Congratulations to all the staff who have been recognized in the past, and to last week’s stars. Please take a second to read about what coworkers have said about each weekly star:
CLINICAL STAR-Kate Gregory: Enthusiasm for your job is contagious!!!
RESIDENTIAL STAR-Liz Taylor: organized, role model, independent, Exemplary ADL!
SUPERVISOR STAR-Deb Smith: Hardworking, helpful and kind! 1st week ON CALL WooHoo!
OVERNIGHT STAR-Amy Whitcomb: Flexible, focused, willing to help!
EDUCATION STAR-Megan Pouliot: Very funny, innovative, creative
SUBSTITUE STAR-Katherine Richardson: Strong, Dependable, Flexible, great to work with!
NURSING STAR-Barbara Bauer: Amazing, brings smile to all! Kind Hearted!

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