Latham Centers’ Shining Stars: Weekly Report

April 26, 2016


Latham Centers’ Weekly Stars: April 18th – April 22nd, 2016
Our staff are an instrumental part to the success of the residents who attend Latham Centers so each week we take a moment to recognize these achievements with our Weekly Stars Report.
Read what coworkers have said about each weekly star:
Clinical: Kate G.- For being an excellent advocate, always positive and a team player!
Residential: Vikacha- For doing an outstanding job as ADL in North, always engaged, positive and consistent!
Supervisors: Deb Smith- For always being approachable, accountable, and working as a team!
Overnight: Ami Beth- Stepping up and taking care of the West Wing, helpful, takes on extra work all while making us laugh with her amazing sense of humor!
Education: Amie Gould- For being an excellent advocate for students, approachable and always helpful!
Subs: Katherine R.- Working so well with recent crisis situation, we can count on you to follow plans with consistency and care. Thank you!
Nursing: Anne S.- Being reactive, responsive and helpful during student meeting. 
Education: Stephie- For being invested and patient, even in challenging situations!


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