Latham Centers’ Shining Stars: Weekly Report

April 19, 2016


Latham Centers’ Weekly Stars: April 11th – April 15th, 2016
Our staff are an instrumental part to the success of the residents who attend Latham Centers so each week we take a moment to recognize these achievements with our Weekly Stars Report.
Read what coworkers have said about each weekly star:
Clinical: Bill G.- Helping with shifts, appointments and meetings! Thank you for all your support!
Residential: Krystal K.- Thank you for being so flexible on the shift, working where needed with strong CPI Skills!
Supervisors: Amy S.- Kind and supportive to all shifts and components! Excellent follow through!
Overnight: Jenna K.- Working in every location to help out! Thank you for your consistent flexibility and helping hand!
Education: Lauren V.- Thank you for being a strong leader on the ed. and res. shifts!
Subs: Araya- You are a wonderful addition to the Latham community. Keep up the great work!
Nursing: Carol P.- You are so helpful in times of need! You are so appreciated! Thank you!

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