Latham Centers’ Shining Stars: Weekly Report

March 28, 2016


Latham Centers’ Weekly Stars: March 21st – March 25th, 2016
Our staff are an instrumental part to the success of the residents who attend Latham Centers so each week we take a moment to recognize these achievements with our Weekly Stars Report.
Read what coworkers have said about each weekly star:
Clinical: Melissa Hyer- Helpful, goes above and beyond, thank you!
Residential: Mike Payne- Always nice and listens to what the kids have to say! You are doing so well in the Deck!
Supervisors: Kristi Dolbec- Always very kind and supportive. Knows how to help everyone!
Overnight: Brant- Thank you for your wonderful relationships with the Deck Students!
Education: Megan Fedor.- Fantastic Talent Show!!
Subs: Maggi P.- Continued tremendous work with some challenging behaviors and shifts!
Nursing: Anne S.- Thank you for helping in a pinch!

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