Latham Centers’ Shining Stars: Weekly Report

March 21, 2016


Latham Centers’ Weekly Stars: March 16th, 2016
Our staff are an instrumental part to the success of the residents who attend Latham Centers. Each week we recognize these achievements with our Weekly Stars Report. 
Please take a moment to read about what coworkers have said about each weekly star:
Clinical: Beth- Advocating for your kids! Work with Collaterals!
Residential: Ron Sume- Consistent and caring, supporting students through challenges!
Supervisors: Patti- Role model! Patti is humorous, good natured, and develops positive relationships with staff and students!
Overnight: All CCW’s- The glue that holds us together! Thank you for your years of work at Latham!
Education: Mike S.- Creative, fun classroom. Great teacher!
Subs: Doe L- Eager to help anywhere, positive and calm in all situations! 
Nursing: Carol P.- Efficient, flexible, hardworking! Helpful during challenging times!

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