Latham Centers’ Shared Living Program Highlighted on Cape Cod Community Media Center’s “Profile”

July 16, 2015

On July 9th, Magda Moran, Katrina Fryklund, and Paula Hersey met up for a morning chat about Latham Centers’ Shared and Independent Living Programs. Specifically we dove into the past successes of our Shared Living placements, and why the program is so successful.
This is just one of a few shows we will be filming for local channels (Penelope Chatterton’s “Awake in the Dream” and Susan Lindquist’s “This Place Matters” to come). This Shared Living model of care for adults with special needs has proven itself successful for a few different residents at Latham, and we are interested in expanding this model.
Listen above as we talk about Danny and his placement with a local family with Nepalese roots, and Maria, who is now a proud member of a family with a Mom and Brother. Focusing on how this model of residential care, mimicking foster care, can truly benefit your family, this Profile just begins to explain the ins and outs of Shared Living.
To learn more please contact Magda Moran at 774.353.9292!

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