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April 27, 2015









Annually Latham Centers submits a blurb about the changes for the ISPA Newsletter, which is distributed at the Annual dinner in Baltimore on May 8th. Below Latham Centers gives a small bit of information about our changes and growth for the entire ISPA community.  

Latham, over the past few months, has gone through many changes and much growth. We are pleased to announce that we have a number of new, talented, faces that will be joining the marketing team, welcoming students, families, and Educational Consultants to Latham. First, Lee Chamberlain is the new Vice President of Operations. She comes with a wealth of residential and clinical experience and has challenged the new leadership team to rise to new heights.  Gerry Pouliot, who had previously been nominated for the NE NATSAP Excellence in Service Award, has been promoted to the Children’s Program Director.  We have also promoted Gina Sheehan, previously a visionary Latham Clinician, as the new Residential Director. Additionally, the growth of our burgeoning vocational program for students, entitled Latham Works, has been quite impressive. We now offer vocational training, including but not limited to, wood working, rope weaving, soap making, printing, maintenance, crafts, and horticulture, and 100% of our students are employed by this program. Our 2015 Holiday Craft Fair was our most successful yet with a variety of beautiful, new ornaments. Lastly, Latham Centers has embarked on a Capital Campaign to renovate a 12,800 square foot space which will serve as a community center to both our Children and Adult residents entitled, the Latham Centers Community Center. This space will facilitate vocational and technology training, as well as indoor/outdoor fitness and exercise space, an auditorium, and art room. Recently Leslie S. Goldberg, M. Ed. CEP, visited Latham Centers and commented that Latham is an “unknown gem.” If you want to come to Cape Cod, see this unknown gem, and meet our new team, give us a call. 

Best, Susan LaPlant 774-353-9237.


Submitted by:
Susan LaPlant, Directory of Admissions &
Katrina Fryklund, Development Coordinator

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