Principal’s Corner: Latham’s Campus Spring Concert and Art Show

June 1, 2016

Spring Concert Collage

Annually the students and staff at Latham Centers host a Spring Concert and Art Show. This year the theme was “Exploring the Rainforest!” Students learned about animals and the ecosystem including the Forest Layer, the Understory Layer and the Canopy Layer.
While some classrooms utilized quiet rooms to make a separate ‘ecosystem,’ other classrooms used bulletin boards. Exhibits were interactive as teachers and students built rain sticks and used sound machines to replicate the calls of birds and monkeys. All the students were proud of the amazing work created and staff voted on first, second, and third place displays.
Then, Megan Fedor, Performing Arts Instructor lead the students in an amazing outdoor concert that involved sign language, choreography, vocals and even original lyrics! Staff was incredibly impressed with how well the students sang and danced with one another as about 30 gathered on stage to perform Justin Bieber’s, “What do you Mean?”
One of the best moments of the day was Long Pond’s new original hit,, composed in performing art class.
Over at Latham
We learn many things in school.
Performing Arts, Math, PE,
And ELA Rules.
Science and Voc,
Reading and Mindfulness.
They are awesome like our teachers,
We must confess!
In the Long Pond Classroom
The teacher’s name is Mike.
He has an aide named Barbara and
The Fish is not named Ike.
“Learn!” said the teacher.
“We’d rather ride our bikes,”
Marcus, Makayla, Lyssa, Zach, Kassandra,
Gabby, and Josel.
We have Math with Suzanne
Who lends a helping hand.
We do our work, crush the numbers,
And earn prizes from the box.
We look at the clocks,
Count the currency cup.
We have fun, learn new things,
Geez, math really rocks!
Outside on the playground
You can sing on the swings.
You can slide down the slide,
You can do other things.
“Come inside,” sings Mike.
“In two hours,” Lyssa sings.
Mike gets mad, gives Time Out
Until the school bell rings.



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