Latham Center’s Asinotherapy Program Grows

July 20, 2011

If two is company and three is a crowd, then what is four?  A “herd” if the four are miniature donkeys. 

Latham Centers’ Asinotherapy program is excited to announced the arrival of two new miniature donkeys to our Great Hill Rd., Sandwich residence/farm on Friday, 7/1/11.  Curly and Jake are coming to Latham Centers from Sunshine Farm in Yarmouthport, MA due to the generosity of Jim Nichols, a Cape Cod gentleman farmer.  

Curly and Jake will be arriving on Friday afternoon to the excitement of the Great Hill residents and of course Angus and Moonbeam, are two current resident miniature donkeys who will be welcoming them to their new home.  Because miniature donkeys are by nature herding animals, we expect that Curly and Jake will quickly be accepted and become part of our growing “herd.” Also, four more individuals recently graduated from donkey care/safety training and are now ready to begin working more closely with the “herd.” Congratulations to Jennifer, Justin, Antoine and Kevin.

Stay tuned for future donkey updates and pictures of Curley and Jake!

“Usefulness is happiness, and… all other things are but incidental.” 
~Lydia Maria Child

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