Latham Adults Evacuate the Cape

September 18, 2011

No, it wasn’t due to recent hurricane Irene or another natural disaster, but nearly all of our adult program residents left Cape Cod under the watchful eye of Latham staff for a Labor Day weekend vacation visiting their families and loved ones.

What we refer to as our seasonal “van run”, Latham staffed vans transported our adult individuals to “off-cape” rendezvous locations in Wrentham, Sturbridge, Braintree and Chelmsford where waiting parents and family members greeted them.  Because of this unique transportation service, they were able to spend an enjoyable sunny holiday weekend at home with their families enjoying the celebrations that may be part of their family’s traditions. On the day after Labor Day, our staff and vans return to the drop-off sites to pick-up and deliver the adults to their Latham residences.

Latham provides this “van run” service four times a year during traditional family holidays. The other three van runs occur at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our families appreciate this service as it reduces their time and expense of traveling all the way to and from Cape Cod to pick-up and return their son or daughter.  The individuals anticipate these family visits; preparing well in advance of each van run.  They all leave with an excited smile on their face and return excited to tell us of the adventures when they return; making our efforts all worthwhile.

Contributed by:
Cindy Loring,
Adult Services Operations Manager
Mike Marchese,   
Director of Adult Services

“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, 
it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.” 
~Doug Larson

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