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July 29, 2014

The world out there can be a scary place. The news is full of plane crashes, bombings and people screaming at school buses filled with children. Consider it through the eyes of your children.  I caution parents to be fully aware of what is on your TV and computer screens and to realize what kids can and cannot process. I imagine scenes of downed airplanes can produce an anxiety response in children whose parent travels for work or as they prepare for a summer vacation flight. They may worry that angry grown-ups will confront their school buses when they go back to school. Be vigilant, be calm and most importantly,  listen.  Talk with your kids at their level of comprehension about any concerns they have on what they have heard or seen. Let them see that you care, that you are confident and in control. Protecting our kids is our job but so is preparing them for what’s ahead. Sometimes you are going to have to address the big world issues on your little home turf.

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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