Join Our Cause: Help Special Needs Kids Learn and Laugh This Summer

March 11, 2011

If you are a member of Facebook, or are willing to be a member, we ask you to join our Cause “Help Special Needs Kids Learn and Laugh This Summer”. Latham’s Summertide program is critical to our mission of helping our students to achieve their potential as responsible members of their community. As many parents can attest to, it is common for academic progress to be lost in the summer months and this can be very damaging to our students who work incredibly hard the rest of the year to learn and grow.

To combat this erosion of knowledge, we created the Summertide program which is a mixture of traditional academics, hands on learning, field trips in the community and experiential education. The students love it. The Summertide Program leads to less anxiety, behavioral outbursts and more engagement for our students.

Whether you join or donate, please get in involved and demonstrate your support for what we are doing with children. You can join by clicking HERE or go to the Latham Centers main Facebook page to find the link. We appreciate all of your support!

“He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.” 
~Sunshine Magazine

Learn more about our Summertide
program by clicking the links below:

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